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Healthy Wells Day October 15th, 2023

Healthy Wells Day is an annual awareness campaign organized by Rural Water Watch to promote the need to regularly test well water. It is not a single event, but a movement and call to take action!

There are many other ways to participate in Healthy Wells Day by yourself or with your community. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Test your well water! Click HERE for more information on bacteria testing and HERE for chemical testing.

  • Assess your well for maintenance issues; look for cracks, holes, overgrown vegetation, etc. Click HERE for more information.

  • Take time to learn about well water issues. Visit our Resources page for more information.

  • Share information and resources through social media about Rural Water Watch and well water issues

  • Tell friends and family to visit the Rural Water Watch website or social media pages and help them test their water

  • Talk to your landlord about water testing

  • Donate to Rural Water Watch to support community sampling events

You can also organize a community sampling event on Healthy Wells Day. Community led events are a great way to reduce or remove many of the barriers that prevent homeowners from testing their wells, including cost, lab access, lack of awareness of water testing guidelines, and inconvenience. Rural Water Watch can help you promote, organize, and run an event. Contact us for more information.

Don't forget to use the #healthywellsday hashtag on social media!

How will you participate?

Remember, to test your well water to protect you and your family from metals, minerals, bacteria, viruses, and parasites that may have made their way into your well water. These can cause serious gastrointestinal illness and make you and your family very sick. Long-term exposure to unsafe levels of naturally occurring chemicals, such as arsenic and uranium, can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer.

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