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December 19. 2018

Members of Rural Water Watch's Board of Directors spent the day in Shelburne hosting a community meeting. Volunteers, participants in this fall's water quality assessment, and other members of the community gathered at Shelburne's Community Centre for the community's water quality results.

Speakers Wilber Menendez-Sanchez, Louise Delisle, and Fred Bonner described the project and explained the results of the community's water quality analyses. No evidence of contamination from the nearby Town Dump was found in any of the sampled wells at the time of sampling. However, several wells in the community were found to contain coliform bacteria. These wells were retested, and homeowners were instructed to shock chlorinate their wells.

Following the project summary, RWW presented a short information session on well maintenance and protection. Speakers emphasized that keeping a water supply well maintained in good form is a key component of having safe, clean drinking water.

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